Title:  Create a Paper Boat

Author:  TexasKate

Homepage:  Kate's Place

Software Used:  Ulead PhotoImpact 10     (Suitable for all versions)

Level:  Beginner

Tools Used:  Path Drawing Tool, Path Edit,  Transform Tool,  Bucket Fill,  Paintbrush, Bristle, Airbrush,  Blur, Smudge, Pick Tool

Terms:  What you make as a result of this tutorial is yours to use as you wish.

Description:  Use PhotoImpact's  path and paint tools to create that simplest of childhood toys, the paper boat.

1. To begin, open a new image 400 x 400 pixels and make it any color you want except white.  The color doesn't matter at this point because we will be preparing a background later in the tutorial.   Using the Path Drawing Tool enter the following settings on the Attributes Toolbar: 'Color': white, 'Mode': 2d object, 'Shape': Click the last icon on the first row, the diamond shape (it's labeled ' Rhombus').  Draw your shape to look like the diamond at right.  (If you are using PI XL or earlier, select the Diamond shape and draw it on your canvas. Select the Transform Tool, and under 'Transform Method' click on 'Resize' to make the diamond longer and thinner.) This diamond  will be the inside of our boat.


2. Go to the Path Drawing Tool again, under 'Color' select gray, and under 'Shape' select the rectangle and draw one similar in size to your diamond.  Now, select the Transform Tool and on the Attribute Toolbar, select 'Perspective' under Transform Method. Push in on either one of the bottom control points to make the bottom of the rectangle a little more narrow than the top.

3. Using the Pick Tool, place the rectangle so that the top of the rectangle matches up at the longest part of the diamond. Refer to the picture at right for placement.  Both the diamond and rectangle should be the same width where they match, so select the Transform Tool and click on 'Resize' if you need to adjust your rectangle to fit, making sure the little padlock is unlocked.



4.  While your rectangle is still active, click on 'Editing' on the Attribute Toolbar. We are going to add a node right in the middle of the top edge of the rectangle so click on the '+' sign under 'Edit point' and refer to picture at right and click mouse where arrow is pointing.


5.  Now, click on the node you just made and drag it straight down with your mouse until it meets exactly with the bottom point of the diamond as shown at right.  Click on the toggle button when you are finished editing.  This will take you out of edit mode.  Hold down your shift key and click on both pieces of your boat.  Right click: 'Group', then right click again: 'Align' and 'Center Both', then right click one more time: 'Ungroup'.  Your boat should look like the result at right.  It's really taking shape, isn't it?  All we need now is a sail!

6.  Return to the Path Drawing Tool, 'Color' a lighter gray,  'Shape': click on the Triangle in the first row (PI XL users will  click on 'Custom Shape' and  then select shape 'A08') and draw a triangle on your canvas. Using the Pick Tool, place the triangle on your boat so that it looks similar to the picture at right, then center it by clicking on the 'Center Horizontally' icon under 'Align' on the Attribute Toolbar.  Finally, right click, 'Arrange', 'Send Backward'.  This will place the triangle between the rectangle and diamond.

Our boat is all made and assembled.  We definitely want to save it at this point so with the Pick tool selected, hold down the shift key, click on each piece of your boat, right click, and  'Group'.  Now you can drag it to the Easy Palette for use in future projects.

7. We are now ready to begin painting our boat. Let's start with the triangle.   Right click on it, then select 'Convert Object Type', then 'From Text/Path to Image'.  Fill the triangle with white using the Bucket Fill Tool.  Then select 'Bristle' from the paint tools, Size: 30, Color: Medium Blue (Hex#1F65CC). Paint along the sides of the triangle. With the same settings, change the color to a light blue (Hex #78D2FF) and add a few random strokes on the triangle.

Select 'Blur' in the Retouch Tool Panel, Shape: Circle, Size: 30, Level: 5, Soft Edge: 50, and go over triangle to blend. Switch back to 'Bristle', change the color to white, go over the triangle with some white paint and then blend with the 'Blur' tool again. At this point your boat should look similar to the example at right.

8. Right click on the diamond, click on 'Convert Object Type', then 'From Path to Image'. Select 'Bristle' from the Tool Panel and enter these settings on the Attributes Bar: Shape: Circle, Size: 20, Trans: 0. Go over the diamond in a light blue color ( I used Hex #78D2FF). Using the same settings, change the color to white and paint some random strokes on the diamond. Then click on Blur in the Retouch Tool Panel, Shape: Circle, Size: 20, Level: 5, Soft Edge: 50, and go over diamond to blend.


9. Go back to 'Bristle', reduce the size to 15 and paint a little bit of darker blue paint in each end of the diamond (I used Hex #006EA5). Again, click on 'Blur' and blend to shade the inside of the boat.

10. Now let's paint the outside of the boat. Right click on the rectangle and select 'Convert Object Type' then 'from Path to Image'. Fill the rectangle with white, and then from the Paint Tools select 'Bristle', Size 30, Color #78D2FF and go over the rectangle until it is covered in the light blue.  Select 'Blur' from the Retouch Tools , Shape: Circle, Size 30, Level 5, and Soft Edge 50 and blend the two colors, adding and blending more white if needed.

11.  Let's add a little bit darker blue so with 'Bristle', Size 10, Color Hex #1F65CC, go lightly along edges of the rectangle.  Select 'Blur', same settings, to blend.  At this point, your boat should look something like the picture at the right.

I know this seems like a lot of blue for our white paper boat but once we place our boat on deep blue water, the white will really pop out.   We're almost done, just some finishing touches and our background left!


12. Let's add the folds to our boat. Click on the triangle to make active. Select 'Paintbrush', Shape: Circle, Size: 8, Color: White, Trans: 0, Soft Edge: 50 , Lines: Select 'Straight Lines'. Click on the top point of the triangle, drag the mouse down the left side of the triangle to where it meets the rectangle and click again. See the straight, white fold along the edge? Look at the picture to the right and draw additional folds as shown. Select 'Blur' and go over each fold to give them a soft look.

13. Hold down the shift key and click on all three parts of your boat, right click, and then select 'Merge as a Single Object'. Select the 'Smudge' from the Retouch Tools and apply the following settings Shape: Circle, Size: 10, Level: 40, and Soft Edge: 50. Pick random points along the folds of the boat and give the paint a little nudge. This will give the appearance of a slightly rumpled edge to the paper. (Drag your paper boat to your Easy Palette at this point if you want to use it for future projects).

14. Your boat is now ready to be displayed on any background you wish, but for this tutorial I would like to show you a quick, easy way to make a background of blue water. Open a new image, 400 x 400 pixels, and select Custom Color. Click on the color box and choose a pretty blue color for your water (I used Hex #2C59C8). Click 'ok'. The final step to our water is to add a slight ripple effect so on the menu bar click 'Effect', then click 'Creative', then 'Particle Effect', then select 'Clouds'. Enter these settings:

Before clicking 'ok', let's look at the preview frame. Do you see how all the cloud/ripples are clumped in the middle? With your mouse, click and drag the ripples to place them where needed. Click 'Preview' to see your canvas, and when you are happy with the way your water looks, click 'ok'. Your canvas should now look something like the picture at right.

15. Drag your boat onto your prepared background and use the Transform Tool to rotate the boat 10 degrees counterclockwise.

For a final touch, let's add a reflection. Right click on the boat and select 'Duplicate'. Click on the Transform Tool and on the Attribute Toolbar under 'Rotate and Flip' select 'Flip Vertically'. Under 'Rotate Method' select 'Rotate Freely'. Align the duplicate underneath the original boat and then click on the Pick Tool. On the Attribute Toolbar, play with the 'Transparency' setting until you are happy with the look of your reflection.  I used '90' for the example in the tutorial.

With the reflection still selected, click on 'Effect' on the Menu Bar, then 'Distort', then 'Ripple'. Click on the center square in the middle row and then click on 'Options'. Under Direction click 'Edge', and under Frequency click 'Low', and Amplitude '100'. Click 'ok'.

Hit 'Enter' to deselect your reflection, and Select 'Airbrush' from the Paint Tools.  Enter Dark Blue Color Hex #003687, Shape: Round, Size: '15', Trans '0', Soft Edge '50'. Apply the dark blue directly to the water underneath the boat as shown at right,  then right click, and 'Merge All'.

That's it!  Add a pretty frame of your choice and you're done!  Thank you for trying my very first tutorial!




Copyright 2004 - 2007 TexasKate